Precious Time

Published on 22 May 2023 at 23:32

Our oldest is my only biological child and she is only 2 short years away from jetting off to college. She has always been an excellent student and has her sights set on renowned schools for her higher education, which unfortunately takes her away from us.  She is our people person and is always busy doing things with her friends. She also has a part time job, so we don't see her that often. Her and I also don't get that much free time with just the two of us.  Today, I was reading a book on the hammock, and she came outside.


I can always tell when she needs some "mom" time as she will hang around and wait for it to be just the two of us. She came outside today and was strolling around on the patio like she does when she wants some mom time. I invited her to sit on the hammock with me. We sat on the hammock together for a few hours talking about life and it was absolutely wonderful. I know these moments will get fewer and fewer as she grows, and although I never want to hold her back from the amazing things she will do in her future, sometimes I just want it all to slow down a little. I will make the best of times like these as our time together moves closer to when she will no longer be living just a few steps down the hallway.

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