Day 44

Published on 20 May 2023 at 14:06

A Visitor


My niece stayed with us for a few nights and she is a chicken lover. I took the opportunity to move the chicks from their little home in the garage to the larger coop outside. My niece has enjoyed watching them and following them around the yard. Hank is ecstatic to have them in easy view of him. Each time he goes out, he does his business and then runs over to the coop and watches them. Hank and my niece have been going outside, sitting near the coop and just watching them all cuddled up together. It is the cutest thing.


My niece loves following us around and watching the things we are doing and asking questions. "Why are you spraying water on the dirt?" I worked in Early Childhood Education for over a decade and love making each opportunity a chance to learn and really enjoy experiencing this with her.


My friends are getting married today! I am so happy for them! As I mentioned in a previous post, they truly are a perfect match for each other! Her hubby came into an already established group of friends and openly embraced the strong, crazy wildness of our trio. Time to get all dolled up for a night of fun!

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