Day 30

Published on 6 May 2023 at 23:22

I Caved!


Our middle child is in her school's rendition of Legally Blonde: The Musical this weekend. It was so much fun!  That has brought a lot of busyness to our weekend with running her around to the differing activities that are involved in this. I love seeing her up on stage so confident in herself. She has really grown over the last few years I have known her and we are extremely proud of her! 


While I wasn't chauffeuring our star around, I found some time to build a new raised garden bed and plan out how we are going to plant our vegetables this year.  Conventional gardening has not been working well since we began our garden two years ago. Last year, was a complete mess. Most of the seeds and plants we started didn't grow. We only harvested a small bowl of green beans. We also had a surprise squash plant and petunias growing in our garden that we never planted, so we did end up with some bonus squash. We hadn't really had squash much before, so we learned how to cook it and discovered that we do like it. We will be planting some squash intentionally this year. I think we are going to try no-till gardening and utilizing the cover crop method too. We always have a ton of clover in the lawn, so I am hoping that the clover will naturally take over in the garden in a bit. I pulled a lot of it from or garden last year, so fingers crossed!


Didn't the garden bed turn out great? I can't wait to add lights and decorations to this later. I've been doing my own "projects" for years, but each time I finish one that uses power tools, I always feel so proud (and strong). C did help a tiny bit with this one, creating the notches. I had too many close calls with the saw and sander earlier this week, that I did not feel comfortable running any more dangerous power tools in techniques that I had not previously used.  The sander took a good chunk of my thumb with it. My thumb nail will probably grow back a bit wonky, but I still have a thumb to use.


We also came to the decision to reside our house this year. I am so excited for this! The previous owner's of our home did a lot of "fixing" of things themselves and the siding was no exception. They stapled down the internet cable lines to the outside of the siding and it just looks like a hot mess. I hate it and cannot wait to have our house looking new!  We are almost done tidying up the cobbled ways from the former tenants and the house looks so nice!


I did it. I caved and watched an hour of my ghost shows while trying to catch a nap while it was raining outside. I felt so guilty, even though I knew I shouldn't. I told C about it to find out that he has been watching tv at work during his break with his co-workers each weekend he works. I no longer feel so bad. 


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