Day 10

Published on 16 April 2023 at 17:30

April Snow

If you know anything about Minnesota weather, you know that you should be prepared for snow from October through the first week in May. It snowed today. A LOT.  And it was wet. And HEAVY. It was not a fun day to be outdoors nor in the garage in the cold. 


Our heat lamp for the chicks went out overnight and one of our little ones did not make it. It was a sad day. RIP Len. Our kiddos shed some tears today.


This was the first really tough day without our tv.  I wanted to cuddle up under some toasty warm blankets with the cat, watch some of my ghost shows, and eat unhealthy snacks.


C began building our new chicken coop in the garage. Our ladies will be living in comfort and style! Updates coming soon!



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