Day 7

Published on 13 April 2023 at 20:18

The Chickens have Arrived!

Oh gosh! I am so thrilled! Brought home some cute little baby chicks today! I just can't get over the cuteness! We wanted three chickens. The store only had four chicks left and I felt bad leaving one chick alone by itself, so I brought them all home.


Tonight was spent doing a lot of preparation for them and trying to keep our kids from holding them too much. Our dog, Hank absolutely loves chickens. In the past he has been known to cuddle with them and is a great protector of the flock. He may be more excited than I am. Each time he goes into the garage, he peeks in on them and carefully watches over them.


Welcome to our crazy home Len, Sarah, Detective Quackles, and Henny Penny!

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