Day 6

Published on 12 April 2023 at 20:29

So Cute!

Yesterday, C and I sat down and began creating a list of things we wanted to improve our lives. One of my goals was to increase my income to supplement the cost of my upcoming law school education.  I am always a worrier when it comes to financials. 


I had made a tent for my daughter when she was young that she loved playing in as a child. She had this tent for years and would not let me pass it on to the next family until we moved out of our old home three years ago.  She would read in it, often bringing our dog with her. She even brought it out to play with her guinea pigs outdoors.  She would play in it with other children. In the summer, it was out in the yard more days than it was not.  She used it in her play room in the winter. It was fairly easy and inexpensive to build, so we chose to build a bunch of these tents and sell them.  We also try to do things that are sustainable for the Earth, so we created them with reused fabrics (read bed sheets). Aren't they the cutest?

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