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Duck Days of Summer

This is the last week of the duck prank as we say goodbye to the residents and say hello to the new ones in the upcoming weeks. It was so much fun for our team.  The resident that was the target of the prank, has black rimmed glasses and often wears a bowtie...someone decided to give one of the ducks a similar look. A duck hammock or slingshot depending on your view was created. Watch out for flying ducks!

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A Mess Resolved

The culprit has been found. I observed the chickens trying to come up with a new solution to the feeder issue and finally witnessed what was occurring.

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A Mess Still Unresolved

I have no idea what is going on with this chicken feeder. I made a change and it is still a mess. The girls are going through more food than they should. Trying another fix.

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C and I wanted to travel more, so last year we bought an older pop-up camper and redid the interior of it. We used it twice last year and were hoping to get it out more this year. 

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A Mess Unresolved

I thought I had come up with this ingenious plan to keep the chickens from spilling their feed and water all over by creating some no-spill feeders and waterers for them.  This did not go as planned. I have made some adjustments so we will see if that works any better!

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Precious Time

Our oldest is my only biological child and she is only 2 short years away from jetting off to college. She has always been an excellent student and has her sights set on renowned schools for her higher education, which unfortunately takes her away from us.  She is our people person and is always busy doing things with her friends. She also has a part time job, so we don't see her that often. Her and I also don't get that much free time with just the two of us.  Today, I was reading a book on the hammock, and she came outside.

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